The original planning complaint was as follows:

"That by approving the planning application No 40770 Hares Green has been changed from a sheltered retirement bungalow estate to a mixed housing estate thus arbitrarily and retrospectively changing the planning consents set out application 4813 registered 5 May 1988 and decided 24 Feb 1989."

The letter from Jerry White closing this complaint procedure is included below.  Note that there is no mention of lies and cover up.  The letter deals with the difference of opinion between myself and the North Devon District Council - this is normal because if there was no disagreement there would be no cause to make a complaint.

Jerry Whites recent letter of 2nd. Nov. 2009 to Nick Harvey MP. states that:

"Mr Bray's allegations of 'lies and cover up' concern information provided to members about a planning application for housing development near his home.  This planning application was the subject of an earlier investigation which was discontinued on 4 November 2006 because no evidence of misadministration was found."  (The date is wrong - see the letter.)

There is no mention of lies and cover up in White's letter which closed the complaint about the planning decision reproduced below - his assertion that this formed part of the previous complaint about a planning decision is therefore a lie.  None of the correspondence relating to the planning complaint referred to lies and cover up.