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Enjoy visiting North Devon

North Devon is a beautiful countryside located in the Northern part of the English county in England. There are a few towns and villages which all come under the administration of North Devon. Some of these are Lynton, Instow, South Molton, Fremington, Braunton and Lynmouth. North Devon is known as one of the favorite holiday destinations in the world and is visited by several people all the year round.

While visiting North Deon for a holiday, there is so much this place to offer. Right from relaxing on the beach, to reading a novel on the beach, going for fishing in the river, or simply unwinding yourself. North Devon as a holiday destination has everything to offer for everyone who visits this charming place.

The city of North Devon is well known for sports and offers many opportunities to the people. You would be amazed to know that the oldest links course of England is in North Devon. If you would like to learn how to play golf, then you simply register for classes and learn as being amateur. One can learn horse riding and even enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place. You can see good quality stables and very fine horses in North Devon. Apart from horse riding and golf, one can also enjoy water sports like swimming, boating and canoeing in North Devon.

There are many places in and around North Devon, which can be explored. The Exmoor Zoo in Barnstaple is one such interesting place where one can see quite a few numbers of leopards. There is a conservation park here where one can find many lemurs, lynx, wallabies, spiders, and even little critters that live in nature styles habitats, especially designed for them.

The Tunnel beaches in IIfracombe are worth visiting. There is a nominal fee which needs to be paid before gaining entry to this wonderful private cove and a tidal pool which appears in Victorian style. Woolacombe beach is known as the best beach in Britain can be visited while visiting North Devon. Children can take surfing lessons right from the age of eight. Arlington Court near Barnstaple is also located close by. One can see the museum that is full of carriages, which were once owned by the lords, ships, and shells have been put on display. Children can even hunt for bat cams and enjoy being in the deer hunted woodland. North Devon is one such place which can thoroughly enjoyed by all age groups.

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