This is the complaint against Stuart Poole for covering up dishonesty by John Denhams Department for Communities and Local Government:

I wish to make a complaint about the conduct of Stuart Poole with reference to my complaint EN-80391 which shows that his decision is dishonest and invalid. 
The complaint follows:
!.  Poole did not deal with my complaint as written:
"Employees in John Denhamís department refused to take any action to deal with White and Redmondís dishonesty by using the excuse that the lie told to my MP was part of an "investigation". As the Ombudsmenís only job is to investigate complaints the refusal sanctioned dishonesty within the Ombudsman service. It is understood that the minister has no right to interfere with a decision made by an Ombudsman but to avoid dealing with dishonesty is unacceptable. This would mean that an Ombudsman could cheat and lie without fear of being called to account."
but substituted his own version to investigate with which I did not agree:
"Mr Bray complains that the Department for Communities and Local Government (the Department) failed to address adequately his complaint about the Local Government Ombudsmen Jerry White and Tony Redmond and that this had left him frustrated and with an unresolved complaint.  Mr Bray wants an investigation to result in the Department ensuring that the Local Government Ombudsman carries out its duties appropriately."
2.  Poole also used a non sequitur to condone dishonesty within the Department for Communities and Local Government - that is:
As the Ombudsman is immune from interference from parliament in matters relating to investigations they are also immune to charges of lying and covering up lies.
Gordon Bray.

This is the confirmation telling me I have to wait sixteen weeks for a decision:

This is the letter from Carol Auchterlonie in which she comfirms that an Ombudsman is permitted to lie during the course of an investigation.